Willem de Thouars' Treachery


Bapak Willem de Thouars speaking of Pak Steve Gartin


Bapak Willem de Thouars apologizes to Pak Steve Gartin for lying about him and Chas Clements

Notice Willem throwing the Satanic hand sign

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Willem de Thouars & The Black Nobility {

Government Agent and secret Lucifarian, Willem de Thouars, A.K.A. {Uncle Bill} and Roger Brockman {now deceased by suicide} mailed the below un-edited video for Free all over the world under label of Sherman & Howard lawfirm in order to vilify Steve & Chas and Mike Sigman for pecuniary gain.

Willem de Thouars FreeTape Treachery

In 1999 Roger Brockman, Don Miller and  the self-described “de Thouars Gang” invaded a Tai Chi Seminar conducted by Mike Sigman in Atlanta, Georgia, in an attempt to discredit Mike's proficiency in Tai Chi.  Willem had discovered that there was good money in Tai Chi seminars, and one might suspect that he and Don Miller wanted Mike Sigman's part of that pie.

The “de Thouars Gang” filmed that debacle and combined it with the video of Willem's slander and libel against Steve Gartin and Chas Clements filmed in co-operation with Gay Clyman, Don Estep and the predominately pedophillic Joint Domestic Terroism Task Force of Denver, Colorado and mailed it to everyone on Steve Gartin's mailing list, which he had given to Willem’s wife, Joyce, in order to promote Willem's KunTao Silat seminars.  Roger also offered the video for free to everyone on the Internet News Group, rec.martial-arts.  Roger's wife mailed the videos in packages from the Sherman & Howard law firm in order to make them appear official.


The entire Mike Sigman Debacle, the Denunciation of Steve and Chas and the Renunciation of the Denunciation are available on one DVD by special request only..


Willem & Steve

Willem & Steve filmed at a private class for the Long Distance Learning Program

WWW.WillemdeThouars.com is a webside still in use to make sales for old tapes and programs Steve is using to munch of my name. No use for us, and where would Gartin be without the usage of my name? Where would he be without my influences in his art? He may hate me, he may even try to wreck me dawn, will at the end be useless - I am gaining more in human expansion, and not the money game Gartin and Clements always had pride on to make out of my name. The whole world already knew about the failures of those individuals. Who like to reads that webside anyhow - we all know the false truth of Steve. i don't even notice that webside anymore, and what domain to own my name? My name can't never be owned.So what are all those ex students  able to claim without the name de Thouars they are still munching on?  In meanwhile while old ex students are trying to pull me dawn - many more have more interest in our system. My only regret I have is always ready to express my refreshed opinion of writing my issue. See you soon, uncle Bill.


Well we may as well stay productive against that Steve Douglas Gartin who just loves to voice his opinions. His opinions are just like that of as we all know who Gartin really is and stands for a piece of work for nothing. Everyone wo  follows me, and my disciples Gartin (likes to have), already been warned about the webside Gartin is still using to sell my old tapes. This greedy person already made himself known for his actions of blaiming the whole world for his own stupid mistakes. In what he has done to my daughter can never be forgiven, that I should do it to his daughter in just for fun. Just look at steve Gartin with a dirty beard of considering himself a Jewish holy man - but always on the run , not from the law but from bill collectors. Steve considering himself  holy should smothered my smiles with laughters. And Steve just like to be known that all the comments he writes about me - are just addictive to his fate in shakles. And liking to read his post or any commentary he may have, gives me just a pleasure to expose him more. Just wrote a nice article on him - never to do business with Gartin, and in what he had done to many his money- money cunning games. Steve always was out to make money at the expense of a de Thouars name - is now between Steve and me. He is stupid smarts, nothing more and nothing less. With Don any time the best for any business dealings, and Don will always stays as my finest Internal disciple, Gartin failed his training that after each match tires out after two rounds - shows a man never in training only claimed to train. At least what I can say about Gartin and Clements that these two men are pieces of work in nature's failure in lack of broadening their horizons. But bring it on Gartin loves to teach you some more for you to hackle your shakles. I hate you and Clements the most - how the two of you did made money off my sweat. I should have left it were we were by booting you out as my business manager in Texas - how stupid to have been compassionate for the two of you - individuals I hated the most as untrustworthy characters who are intelligently stupid. Bring it on buddy is between you and me, and you still own me money going back for the last twenty years. Hope you really may even choke on your broken promises. Steve always on the run and afraid to come to Denver for the law enforcements authorities and court judges. You the worst of all my ex students as you had approached me always in being so cunning for a deceitful man. I will never be afraid of you, we already had our run outs, except I was slacking for having done not a good enough job to sent you to O-la-la land. You had let Randell did the fighting for you, instead of doing the fighting yourself agains Donald King in the park. What you have done to my family will be repaid to you in my full measurement of mental reprisals. You and your dumb associates of the American kun tao silat may write something about me, no time for me to read - and glad you stupid guys always loving to read my commentaries. What are you thinking for the whole world to read on a webside you had designed to sell  still my tapes - most don't even likes to read your out of bound comments. For an ex student as the most of untrustworthy in characterizations can only replay you as a man so fully attemptious for your greedy expansion - and trust me they all are reading my written issues before they do yours.   Quit using Roger Brockman's writing in articles. You really are a piece of work Gartin so fully loaded with lies after lies. My backroom is always open for you to come, and anyone else from the American kun tao silat. You and Mikle Roberto are looks alike with filty beards to hide your cunning thoughts.  Always ready to expose you even more. You are the evile man as you once had claimed our government for an evile government. The devil in person is for sure can only be Steve Dougls Gartin always trying to hide the truth from a reality check. Tomuch dope smoking you can't be without. Trust me will be writing more about you as an object for me to write nicer things about you - only you had wished for a wish. Great Grand pupa Willem de Thouars. 


 Steve you full of grab, and please reposed again, further more you always was a free loaded muncher. You can't even stand in my shadow for an ex student. You like all of the rest had taken me to the cleaners with that stupid taping business - you still looks like grab doing my art. The American kun tao silat - "poeh" and "poeh". It was you and Chass out for money, and still you own me for many years in a pay back. I will write more commentaries about a man I once knew - a cheat - a thief and a fat liar.  More will be written about Gartin, once a most wanted man on the FBI's most wanted list. And always welcome to fight me - can still teach you a thing or two - you look kinda stupid with your beard - or are you trying to be a rabbi? And yes, I am internal and you looks like being out of breathe after two rounds. I wish that I had finished my job on you with the touch - but was still to compassionate to let you slide.  Get real Steve with your stupid comments, you and that Kidwell.  If you don't have any good comments to make on me, your ex teacher than just shut the fuck up - you Jew hater and racist.

You and Chass always good blaiming others for your own predictaments. Up yours and your American kun tao silat, will write more commentaries on you. 

Grandmaster Willem de Thouars. ( You just a jealous asshole)

Pentjakker Permalink Reply by Pentjakker on May 11, 2010 at 12:32pm
I won't have much to say on this, but I won't be spoken of this way.
Of course you got paid. In point of fact, and not even including expenses, you made more money from these than anyone else.
Of course you gave permission. There's 30 years of taping there, and you're performing for the camera much of the time.
You had a written contract with Gartin that passed on to your granddaughter and Gartin's kids.
Noone wanted to 'take your style'. Can anyone here say they would brace you? That's highly unlikely.
My/our students are the best prepared of any in your group. My respect for you, Victor and Paul is reflected in them.
I never treated your family with anything but honour, respect and personal affection. I've always held gratitude to you and your brothers for the gratious gift that you gave me.
I don't want to aire dirty laundry in public. I bear you no ill will.
Let's not do this.

Chas Clements

Does anyone know when Willem is NOT lying?

  God Bless America!

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