Looking back at some old tapes shot on 9 mm film, and particular with me demonstrating the opening of our system - which influence came strongly out a Northern Kwantung Kun tao set, as taught by sifu Willem Chen was long before Randell Goodwin, Steve Gartin and Bill Chang, (I sponsored) came to me. Gartin immediately made his claim to puny fame by bragging that him, and Theo Tjong Oen had helped me to develop our opening as an identification for our system's opening. Bill Chang resembles much the kid teenage president of North Korea, always opening his big mouth to scare even his sponsor --he thought he did. Lucky for me to made a study project out of Theu, Gartin and the two hundred others I needed to remove. Deep regretting that I had allowed Randell Goodwin, who I can easy characterize as a flight by night who flies of the handle to climb from branch to branch. Also even with my deeper resentment for letting Steve Douglas Gartin come , even for a short time student train under me, and the man I once trusted and did sponsored Bill Chang, who came to end up as a spoiled breathe with a weak legacy , in Bandung was nothing more but a Cimande do, and karate do practitioner had to put on Aikido uniforms to impress others. His jumping around is an easy piece of cake, that many of my trained experts knew how to jump around even further then this self proclaimed supposed to be kun tao master from Bandung. and also could even reach the sealing better. U Un Suraya now long gone, showed only his spoiled breathy Allah wishes to those he could convince, as Gartin tries always to brag his kun tao and silat experience by bad mouthing me on the YOU TUBE, and through other channels. But as my proof is like pudding in a pie, easy remove all of Gartin's claims, and in what he is trying to show with his newer tapes, with three pistols and a baby goat. It also shows Gartin a greater unflattering example of one of Willem Reeders students. For sure that Joe Judt, an instructor under Gartin look just as badly arranged as Gartin his teacher. So Steve Douglas Gartin you even tries harder to brag you silat and kun tao experience only end up with your bad showing for being an amateur placed an image of a bad cowboy unable to ride a bull or wild horse. You brag to much without able to show your real silat or kun tao training. You may had your ways in with all the other de Thouars brothers; but never with me, as the last of the Thouars, and the oldest in serak will always rebuke and find my hatred in you. You are a big nothing in my outstanding legacy; but a worse amateur trying to be even once a part time student under me. Wake up and be more constructive with your fabrication of lies liking to be counted as a true lineage holder under some other master of the no goods. My true feeling hereby expressed. Oom Willem de Thouars.
Uncle Willem De Thouars
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Any words about Sifu Lenny Howie?
Uncle Willem De Thouars
Uncle Willem De Thouars
Sorry Phillipe I am the wrong man to ask that... More

Willem de Thouars

Hereby also making this my public statement as openly expressed. That under no time or any time that as was assumed by some of the Willem Reeders group, that Willem Reeders had taught the de Thouars brothers, was an insult to the respectful honor of the de Thouars family. It was impossible for Reeders to have taught me , the kun tao combative systems I was taught, studied and trained under Tan Tung Liong, Willem Chan and Buk Chin, and others of the native Indonesian teachers and also respectfully other of the Indo European master teachers and uncles who fully trained me. Willem Reeders respectfully totally move different as I do, practice totally different silat or kun tao forms, and was impossible for me to ever having learn anything from Reeders or any of his instructors. I do have some good relationship with some out Reeders group, and do not wish to acquaint myself with others of the Willem Reeders group for their total misunderstanding of me, my practice and martial background. All my instructors knows to teach my system in thorough expression without being in difference from each other. I removed over two hundred ex students all in one day. I left first the state of Florida after years of trying to teach my system for bad recipients. I regrouped and reestablish my martial presence, and legacy for the state with my Serak son, Santiago Doblos, Dr Chad Bailey and my most longest instructor, Chuck Stahmann. They are for the state of Florida who can claim to know my system of Serak, silat and kun tao. I wish the Reeders group all my best, and hope that they can come to a full understanding of me, and my family. I knew the whole martial history of the former Dutch East Indies, and will leave it at that. My brothers were predominantly taught, nourished and trained under uncle Ventje de Vries and uncle John de Vries. I am the lineage holder of Carl August Samuel Deerns, in his Palembang kun tao and old school Ci mande he directly studied under Raden Patma. So let this be clear as stated. Oom Willem de Thouars, martial arts leader Kun tao Silat de Thouars